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Autism: What does Centella asiatica do?

Fatty acids are normally a good thing but when in excess in our body neuroinflammation actually occurs. Learn how, why, and what this herb does to help.

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Nutrition/Special Diets

Autism: Do digestive enzymes help?

Digestive enzymes are often the first supplement recommended by a physician. If your child has any gastrointestinal issues it is important to know what can be done to help them.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Probiotics

Autism: Is aggressive behavior a symptom of gastrointestinal pain?

Don't be mislead when someone tells you that aggressive behavior is "just part of autism." Behaviors, including problem behavior, may be markers of abdominal pain or GI discomfort in those with autism. Up to 91% of those with autism have GI disorders as a comorbidity. Healing autism requires healing all of your child's comorbidities as well.

Nutrition/Special Diets

Does my child with autism also have an immune disorder?

Specifically there are 4 immune disorders that are commonly known to be comorbid with autism: Autoantibodies, Hypogammaglobulinemia, Neuroinflammation, Cytokine abnormalities. Many of these disorders can be correlated with autism severity and problematic behavior.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Probiotics

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism

Around 30% of those with autism have either the classical definition of mitochondrial dysfunction or mitochondrial problems. If your child has social impairment, intellectual disability, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, depression or language impairment (just to name a few symptoms) then please read this entire article.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Probiotics

How do you know if your child with autism has a redox problem?

Redox problems are a known comorbidity with autism and if you're healing autism you want to heal all your child's comorbidities as well.

Nutrition/Special Diets

Does my child with autism need carnitine?

Carnitine deficiency is a common metabolic disorder comorbid with autism. And luckily it's easily treatable. Find out more about autism and carnitine...

Nutrition/Special Diets

Should I give my child with autism tetrahydrobiopterin?

Another comorbidity common in those with autism is the metabolic disorder related to tetrahydrobiopterin. If your child has tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency treating it has been shown to improve autism symptoms.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Probiotics

Certain Gut Bacteria Associated with Improved Learning in Toddlers

A particular strain of bacteria improves autism behaviors in an autism mouse model and the same genus is also associated with higher cognition in typically developing children. This is important information to understand when healing your child from autism.

Nutrition/Special Diets

Do the supplements you're giving your child with autism actually do anything?

If you want to give your child a vitamin B12 supplement it does one thing in the body but if you give your child vitamin B12 and folinic acid together, synergistically it does something very different! I summarize real clinical research data so you are confident that I am reporting facts.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Probiotics

Should I give my child with autism a folinic acid supplement?

Folate metabolism can be a comorbidity with autism. Research has shown complete recovery from autism symptoms for a specific type of folate metabolism comorbidity with the supplementation of folinic acid. If you want an optimal outcome from autism, all of your child's comorbidities need to be addressed...

Nutrition/Special Diets

What neurotransmitter disorders are comorbid with autism?

Two drugs that are FDA approved for the treatment of certain autism behaviors, risperidone and aripiprazole, work by targeting neurotransmitter receptor sites, specifically dopamine and serotonin. Since the FDA approved drugs for autism target neurotransmitter receptor sites it’s important to understand neurotransmitter disorders because it is very relevant for autism.

Nutrition/Special Diets

What to do about autism and seizures or epilepsy?

Treatments for some of the comorbidities of autism are well known therefore there is no reason for your child to suffer. In this post, I share scientific information on supplements, 3 diets, and traditional drug treatments (one that even helps with autism symptoms) that focus on healing seizures & epilepsy in those with autism.

Nutrition/Special Diets , Personal Stories , Relentless Motivation

Compassionately Healing Autism

All children need to feel accepted and loved and that is very true for any one with autism but yet it is the autism that can make that difficult. So how do you start? Compassion.

Nutrition/Special Diets

Amount of Lead and Manganese Exposure Associated with Increasing Autism Severity

To explore the link to autism, scientists recently published results from a study that used lasers to map heavy metal exposure starting from the second trimester in pregnancy until the teeth are naturally shed in early childhood and the possible link to autism.

Personal Stories , Relentless Motivation

Are you tired of your child being in pain all the time?

I want to share with you 3 tips I’ve learned while alleviating my child’s pain. These actually don’t have anything to do with chemistry or special diets or even my daughter but yet they are just as important.

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