Eat To Heal AWEtism - Online Course

Diet changes so your child can reach their fullest potential

Are you struggling with getting your child to sleep, talk, or interact but spend more time searching for answers than actually finding them?

Eat To Heal AWEtism is the simplest, most effective way to personalize the 8 Special Diets proven to heal autism symptoms.

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Probiotics To Heal AWEtism - Online Mini Course

A clear path to the right ones

The reality is that most children with autism are not taking the right probiotic. Probiotics To Heal AWEtism will quickly and easily teach you which ones are right for those with autism...the right one makes a HUGE difference.

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Learn How to Stay Relentlessly Motivated!

Harness inspiration to break through any barrier

Picture in your mind, if you will, what relentless motivation looks like. Do you see a Super Hero combatting the forces of evil to save Metropolis? Or do you perhaps see a marathon runner who continuously trains day after day, in rain, shine, sleet, or snow? Whatever picture you see, it's that relentless motivation that can help you heal your child.

What keeps someone motivated relentlessly towards a goal?

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Others have done it
  • Such a small change made a huge difference thanks to Dr. Lyons!

    I gave my son a gluten free diet but unknowingly increased his consumption of other food groups. Dr. Lyons explained why certain symptoms of his increased so I made a few small changes and what a difference! I was so surprised that it worked!!!!

    Adriana Capozzi Mother of a 5 year old son with autism

    We have seen the benefits!

    While implementing the change to our boys' eating habits and introducing new foods has not been easy, we have seen the benefits! We now understand how everything we put in our boys mouth has a direct correlation on their behaviors and in turn leading a happier life. To date I have not met anyone more knowledgeable and helpful in this area then Dr. Lyons.

    Charles Massimo Father of 15 year old triplets, of which two sons have autism
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