A chemist, a strategist, and mother of a child healing from Autism

A chemist, a strategist, and mother of a child healing from Autism

Dr. Theresa Lyons is a Ph.D chemist who teaches parents simple, low-risk high-gain actions they can take immediately to reduce autistic symptoms.

Most passionate about her autism work, she educates parents and clinicians on how to understand what the various symptoms mean on a molecular level and how to take action to get at the root of the problem and start healing.

A description of two signature talks given by Dr. Lyons are described below.

Signature Talks

Special Diets and Autism … It’s Where You Start

So you suspect something is wrong, or you already got the diagnosis of autism. Overwhelming, right? I know. I have been there. The good thing is that there is plenty to do but where to start?

Food! Research shows that many with autism have a decreased ability to digest certain types of food. Dr. Lyons identified and analyzed 8 commonly followed special diets in the autistic population and correlated those diets with the specific autistic symptoms are eliminated by each diet. If you're worried or scared to make changes because something seems too complex or too "medical," Dr. Lyons has broken down the barriers to understanding. She gives it straight, in everyday words that anyone can understand.

Most people tend to jump on the latest diet craze and make changes without having a clear plan in place. Then after a few months, they give up because they think the diet changes had no effect. The problem with this approach is that there are too many variables being changed, and it is hard to determine what, if anything, helped.

However, if you approach diet changes from a scientific standpoint, you can isolate foods that have adverse affects. This is where Dr. Lyons excels in bringing this cutting-edge scientific research to an easy-to-follow program that anyone can use.

At the end of this 60 to 90 minute talk, your audience will leave with the knowledge of the 8 special diets that can help eliminate specific autistic symptoms and steps on how to start implementing a healing plan. Every person is unique, so there will be unique combinations of diets to use. Dr. Lyons teaches high-gain, low risk strategies to those who want to heal their loved one from autism.

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Relentless Motivation to Heal from Autism

The meaning of success changes when you have a child diagnosed with Autism. Was working 60 to 80 hours a week at a job the key to a happy life? Did it really matter?

After Dr. Lyons received her daughter's diagnosis of Autism, she asked herself “Do I accept the situation as it is or do I want to win my daughter's health back?" Because the news media uses the startle method to get viewers' attention, she went through a period of isolation. She wanted to feed her own mind and not be influenced by anyone else. She knew that she could win her daughter's health back, if she could just identify the way. There was no one who had the answer. So she returned to a pure scientific approach and moved forward.

Momentum is power. But it certainly is tough to get started. How can you get momentum going when you are lying on top of your child just to keep her from hurting herself? That feels like “rock bottom" with no way out.

There is so much to deal with that it can be overwhelming. The fast paced lifestyle with stress and quick-but-not-healthy food diminish our ability to focus on what is needed—helping our loved ones be healthy, happy, and part of life.

Don't settle for a life that is difficult.

At the end of this 60 to 90 minute talk, your audience will understand that their beliefs and habits are the invisible forces that determine your experience in life. Your audience will learn how to become stronger, more understanding, and relentlessly motivated! Find out how Dr. Lyons stayed relentlessly motivated to rethink the impossible.

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Such a small change made a huge difference thanks to Dr. Lyons!

I gave my son a gluten free diet but unknowingly increased his consumption of other food groups. Dr. Lyons explained why certain symptoms of his increased so I made a few small changes and what a difference! I was so surprised that it worked!!!!

Adriana Capozzi Mother of a 5 year old son with autism

I trust Dr. Lyons' scientific opinion

As a Dad, I am not involved in the day to day decisions about special diets but I want the best for my son. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Lyons teaching my wife about the scientific reasons certain foods can cause certain problems. Dr. Lyons has impeccable scientific credentials and I felt very comfortable knowing that "real research" would be discussed.

David Hall Father of a 6 year old son with autism
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